Deadmau5 Studio Exposed In Interview


Think of the nerdiest person you know. Multiply that by 10, and the result will be deadmau5. Linus Tech Tips recently got invited to take a tour on deadmau5’s property in Canada. For the first time we get an in-depth look on what every piece of equipment on Joel Zimmerman’sstudio is. From vintage analog synths to a half a million dollar analog mix board, deadmau5 has it all.

Apart from the studio that we all have now seen, we get a special look at deadmau5’s mega computer system. This massive system runs most of the animations for his cube show and his mouse head. His computer system is capable of running any game at the highest possible render settings as well.

The electronic music superstar has continued to leave his mark in the scene. The fruits of his hard work have been able to give him the house that any geek would dream of.

Take a look to see the Dolby Atmos mix studio or his massive gaming set-up:

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