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Nearly Native has revealed his debut track, the electrifying ‘Colour’ featuring vocals from Femme.

Nearly Native is a new music project conceived by London-based producer James Leggett. Until now, the fast-rising producer, musician and songwriter has been responsible for some eye-opening moments and jaw-dropping left turns in pop and electronic music. Whether this be as guitarist forJonas Blue, writer and producer for V V Brown or writing hits for a plethora of other artists. He’s even been in a band with hollywood superstar Jamie Dornan.

Nearly Native draws from a broad range of influences, from the ambient soundscapes and jarring soundtracks from films such as Requiem for a Dream, to the classic UK garage sound. At the heart of each production is a pure, organic, musical element – Leggett staying true to his roots as a musician first and foremost.

‘Colour’ is the first of many tracks to come from Nearly Native in 2017, and his first EP will be a broad and impressive collection of dark and immersive, yet club-friendly, electronica. Each song on the EP features a different vocalist.

Femme, who released her debut album last year, recently revealed a new solo track ‘Fire with Fire’ and has sold out a headline show at London’s Heaven this coming December.

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