The Gaslamp Killer Releases Short Film, Announces World Tour

The Gaslamp Killer – SINS: The Instrumentalepathy Album Film

Renowned Los Angeles DJ and producer The Gaslamp Killer has released his new short film Sins: The Instrumentalepathy Album Film. Directed by photographer and filmmaker Marielle Tepper, this visually stunning portrait of the 7 deadly sins is scored completely by GLK’s critically lauded, psychedelic album Instrumentalepathy previously released on his own imprint Cuss Records last year.

The gorgeous film comes with the announcement of The Gaslamp Killer’s upcoming world tour. The 13 show run kicks off in London on July 13th, making its way through EuropeSouth America, returning back stateside and capping off with a hometown show in LA at Low End Theory, the legendary event series where he started. Check out the film now, share it, and see the quote from the director below.

I chose to depict Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride in my own interpretation. In Christian tradition, sinning is, by definition, negative.  But, to me, sins are descriptions of certain behaviors–not thoughts.  So, I tried to separate those actions from the judgment that is always fastened to them: Negativism. I did this by setting out to make a video that is engaging, surprising and fun to watch-adjectives that, to me, add up to a positive experience.  Sins are not only a part of life; they are, as often as not, a lot of fun.  I think the images fit well with the music from the Gaslamp Killer’s “The Instrumentalepathy Album,” which is at once foreboding and Bacchanal-a unique expression of the familiar “good-bad but not evil” motif. – Marielle Tepper

7/13 Rich Mix – London, UK
7/14 Wideburg – Amsterdam, NL
7/15 Expedition – Rotterdam, NL
7/15 Dour Festival – Dour, BE
7/21 Milhões Defeats – Barcelos, PT
7/22 Gretchen – Berlin, DE
8/5 Deep Tropics – Nashville, TN
8/11 Press Room – Phoenix, AZ
8/20 Oregon Eclipse – Crook County, OR
9/15 Nos Trilhos – São Pãulo, BR
9/16 Rock in Rio – Rio de Janeiro, BR
9/29 Luna Light – Darlington MD
10/18 Low End Theory 11 Year Anniversary – Los Angeles, CA

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