Covina & Mateo Drop Powerful Remix For Illenium & Gryffin’s ‘Feel Good’

covina mateo feel good

Covina & Mateo – ‘Feel Good‘ – Covina & Mateo are a DJ and producing duo group based in Denver, Colorado and after a slew of strong remixes, mashups, edits and original productions, they are back again with their intense, body chilling remix of Illenium & Gryffin‘s song ‘Feel Good‘ featuring Daya.

Their focus is on electro house, progressive house, pop and everywhere in between. With this new remix having just been released, they continue to show they are a powerful up and coming group. Having earned the respect and support of many top DJs in the world, this rendition of ‘Feel Good‘ without a doubt continues to cement this respect.

Embrace some bone chilling vibes, sit back and let the melody and bass hit you hard! Show some love by following Covina & Mateo below and enjoy the week, feeling good.

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