Holland’s ‘The Gathering’, billed as “The biggest techno festival in the world”, has announced the first 50 artists for the 2017 event. Produced by sub:Merged, the 50 non-stop hours runs from 22nd to 24th September.

Over that period, Breepark, which lies just on the outskirts of Breda, will be home to 100,000 revelers and 150 international acts. The complex boasts open air stages, moving stages, huge sound systems, high-tech lighting, and a 24-hour liquor license to ensure libations are flowing during the uninterrupted party.

“Using some of our revenues from the festival we will aim to directly make a change, to help the homeless, children in need and many other problems in the world today,” state the organisers via press release. “Helping talented artists from around the world to break through and reach their goals is also a change. Creating many jobs is a change. By doing so together, we lead by example and influence others to follow the same route.

“We don’t have to be a charity to help, this is the idea. We can be a business and help the world at the same time. We understand that people are the key ingredient to any movement, the real power able to make those positive changes a reality, that is why we care about people the most with everything we do. We want to create a global techno family that can make those changes and lead by example.”

Justin James, Manic Brothers, Rob Hes, SQL, and Stefano Noferini are just a few of the lesser-known talents making the first artist announce.

Find the complete first wave below. Ticketing information can be found here.

For other events to explore in 2017, check out our recent list of “7 festivals in unique and incredible places” and this handy festival guide.

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