France’s Military Performed a Sick Daft Punk Medley for Bastille Day and Donald Trump Didn’t Get It

France is so cool. They invite world dignitaries to their country, and regale them with world-class showcases of their culture’s food, music, and art — and in the middle of all this, they break into Daft Punk medleys, as performed by their military brass band.

This is the kind of magical posturing that can only be done by a group of humans and robots that truly understand joie de vivre. Unsurprisingly, it’s entirely the sort of fun Pres. Donald Trump does not understand. The U.S. president is visiting the country in honor of Bastille Day. As he watched the band let loose on “Get Lucky,” Trump’s face was jagged stone. While French President Emmanuel Macron beamed with pride at the delightful notes of “Digital Love” and “One More Time,” Trump was the picture of cluelessness.

The leader of the free world may not know good music when he hears it, but you can.  Enjoy the wonderful display of talent and national pride below.

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