King Deco “Read My Lips” NOTD Remix

Fresh from an amazing cover of Rihanna’s ‘Needed Me’, future star King Deco stands in the limelight yet again. An outrageously infectious take on the Indie Pop starlet’s single ‘Read My Lips’ has seen its release on Armada Deep, crafted up by none other than NOTD, who could very well be one of the most sought-after-remixers of the moment.

Jam-packed with summer flavors and easy on the ear from start to finish, NOTD’s remix of ‘Read My Lips’ oozes catchiness like few tracks can. Its tasty rhythms seem tailor-made for the elegant vocals and feel-good melodies, which is exactly why his treatment King Deco’s phenomenal song is considered full-fledged airwave material.

Born and raised in Jordan, King Deco moved to the United States at the age of 17 to pursue a career in music, spending years honing her craft. She found her voice through collaborations with the likes of Larzz Principato, Kinetics & One Love and Felix Snow and soon found originals such as ‘Castaway’ and ‘Read My Lips’ critically acclaimed by some of the world’s leading music outlets, including Billboard and Wonderland Magazine. It’s clear that she has a sparkling bright future ahead of her.

Producing music under various guises, NOTD is a man whose creations have caught the attention of pop stars and dance music luminaries alike. To this day, the Swedish wonderworker has remixed singles from the likes of Ed Sheeran (‘Shape Of You’), Fergie (‘Life Goes On’), Shawn Mendes (‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’) and The Chainsmokers (‘Don’t Say’). Seeing how these already earned him tens of millions of streams on both Spotify and Soundcloud, chances are we can expect loads more to come from this gifted artist.

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