Dirty Audio Releases Free Single ‘Firewalker’

dirty audio firewalker

Dirty Audio – ‘Firewalker‘ – Dirty Audio‘s newest track, ‘Firewalker‘ is one of those songs that serious bassheads just need to press play. With drops that shake the soul, this is one single that will likely gear fans up for anything! ‘Firewalker‘ is a combination of hip-hop flutes organs and drums, mixed with trap and dubstep to create a hybrid monster, says Dirty Audio about his newest track.

The LA-based music producer has been on a hot streak lately. ‘Firewalker‘ comes after his latest heavy hitter ‘Alien Cookies,’ which was released on Monstercat, where he played the song both weekends of Electric Forest Festival. There’s no doubt that he’ll be dropping ‘Firewalker‘ to destroy dance floors at his live shows the rest of the summer.

Look for Dirty Audio to be invading the airwaves or coming to a city near you this year as he rides this unstoppable wave of success!

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