SWACQ’s Festival Worthy ‘Love’ Receives Special Edit From Nicky Romero

nicky romero love

Nicky Romero – ‘Love‘ – If you’re unable to make it to your favorite festival this summer but still want to feel like you’re in the middle of the crowd at the main stage, look no further than SWACQ‘s latest release ‘Love,’ which was given a special edit by Nicky Romero. Newcomer SWACQ demonstrates a talent for creating immersive, electrifying tracks that are guaranteed to start a party and get the crowd riled up during a live set. Nicky Romero‘s premiere of ‘Love‘ at Ultra Korea is a solid credit to their potential, as the Protocol Recordings label boss specializes in bringing up the best and brightest new talent.

SWACQ has created a personal brand that thrives on their energetic, forward-thinking music. To their fans, SWACQtranscends music alone; it has evolved into a lifestyle fueled by fun vibes and danceable beats. Look for this up-and-comer to be cranking out more epic tracks like ‘Love‘ very soon.

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