Markus Schulz honors Chester Bennington with ‘In The End’ bootleg

Markus Schulz ile ilgili görsel sonucu

2017 has been a grim year for younger fans of rock & roll. Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell passed away by suicide in May, shaking the music industry. Now, fans are having to cope with another huge loss: Chester Bennington, Linkin Park front man.

Naturally, an outpouring of sorrow and solidarity ensued from longtime Linkin Park followers upon hearing the news, and fellow artists turned to honoring him in the best way they knew how: through musical tributes.

Markus Schulz was one such producer to memorialize Bennington in his own way, choosing the groundbreaking Linkin Park single “In The End” to work on. What ensued was a brooding trance piece — short, but impactful. In his usual “unicorn slayer” methodology, Schulz weaves square-pitched synths into a scintillating progression before fading into a melancholic breakdown which plays upon “In The End’s” opening hook. Bennington’s haunting vocals catalyze the bootleg’s climax, building tension before the melodic synths and a powerful kick come back into play.

The piece was originally debuted at Tomorrowland.

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