Forbes has released its annual list of highest paid DJs, and there are a couple of surprises this year.

First off, Calvin Harris has dropped significantly from last year’s pay day of $63 million to only $48.5 million this year. This could be contributed to a weaker touring schedule and an album that, while it performed well, didn’t perform that well.

Secondly, there are two newcomers in the list this year. Marshmello breaks into the Top 10 at #8 with $21 million, all without even being signed to a label. But the real amazing feat is The Chainsmokers debuting on the list at the #3 spot, ahead of Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Diplo, or even Martin Garrix, with a staggering $38 million, about as much as Martin Garrix and Zedd combined.

As for the veterans on the list, Tiesto bumped his payday up by $1 million this year, and Skrillex came up with an additional $10 million. David Guetta fell from #3 to #7, Zedd fell from #4 to #10, and Kaskade and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike fell off the list completely. Diplo is still sitting pretty at #6, though with an additional $5 million in the bank.

Overall, the top 10 pulled in a collective $298 million, up from $270.5 million in 2016.

Top 10 Highest Paid DJs of 2017

1. Calvin Harris ($48,500,000)
2. Tiesto ($39,000,000)
3. The Chainsmokers ($38,000,000)
4. Skrillex ($30,000,000)
5. Steve Aoki ($29,500,000)
6. Diplo ($28,500,000)
7. David Guetta ($25,000,000)
8. Marshmello ($21,000,000)
9. Martin Garrix ($19,500,000)
10. Zedd ($19,000,000)

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