We’ve been absolutely blessed in the past month or so with an absolute outpouring of new Skrillex material. First, we got the Skrillex and Poo Bear collaboration “Would You Ever,” which saw Skrillex get back to a softer side of producer. Then, the DJ Sliink and Wale collaboration “Saint Laurent,” a Jersey club banger. And then just five days ago, Skrillex released another collaboration with Vindata and NSTASIA, “Favor.”

All told, those three tracks were all released within two weeks of each other.

Now, though not a direct Skrillex track, Fifth Harmony have released “Angel,” produced by Skrillex.

The song is definitely a Fifth Harmony track with Skrillex production, as opposed to containing more of a recognizable Skrillex flair. The production is still notably Skrillex, however, with rollings 808s and characteristic vocal processing. If you’re looking for a drop, though, keep scrolling.

“Angel” will be released on Fifth Harmony’s self-titled album on August 25.

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