Discover Your DJ Skills at Ushuaïa’s Pioneer DJ Suites

DJ suite

Ibiza is not just the place to see your favorite DJs, you can discover your hidden DJ talent at Ushuaïa Ibiza’s new Pioneer DJ Suite.

The brand new rooms are the perfect option for true partygoers who never stop. In addition to the luxuries at Ushuaïa, the Pioneer suite is equipped with all the gear to throw an after party – two Piondeer CDJ 2000 decks, a DJM 2000 mixer, an amplifier, eight speakers and a sub-woofer. The room is also soundproof so nothing is holding guests back from turning up the volume.

Guests at Ushuaïa have access to all parties at the hotel but with the DJ suite, they won’t have to leave their room. They can enjoy the sea view by stepping out to the terrace and if they choose to take a break, there are amenities like an entertainment system and coffee. Bring along a friend who can spin and party in comfort on the next Ibiza vacation.

Check out a 360 tour of the room here.

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