Zhu Fronts Spotify’s EDM Playlist Rebrand With New EP “stardustexhalemarrakechdreams”

Zhu Face of Spotify Rebrand Playlist

Craving some new tunes from ZHU? Aren’t we all! Well, you and I are both in luck because the mastermind has released a surprise 4-track EP called “stardustexhalemarakechdreams”. The EP includes his track in collaboration with NERO, ‘Dreams’, in addition to three other marvelous tracks.

Oh, and did we mention that this is all in an effort to head the new rebrand of Spotify‘s somewhat-infamous electroNOW electronic music playlist – the lead EDM playlist on the music streaming giant? The playlist will now be known as mint.

Austin Kramer, Global Head of Electronic, says, “The launch of our flagship electronic playlist, mint, represents the unique pieces of the culture and the global audience that lives and breathes it.”

Spotify hand-picked Zhu to be mint’s face, and in turn he’s come out with these 4 chill-inducing tracks, as well as three vertical videos on Spotify – something that’s only been done by Avicii before now. Check them out below!

loops radio


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