Sony Music unexpectedly just became the first major record label to legalize unofficial remixes and DJ mixes — a real game changer for electronic music!

The move comes as Sony signs a deal with Berlin-based startup Dubset, a company that works on “fingerprinting” mixes to provide royalties to rightful sample owners. So, when Sony artists are incorporated into mixes or remixes, the label will get a cut. A fair trade off so listeners can be exposed to more music on more platforms.

Dubset is getting close to securing deals with music giants Warner and Universal as well, an inside source tells TechCrunch.

Soon we’ll be able to hear even more creative work through streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, which is great for music consumers like us, but kind of a scary thought for SoundCloud. Up until now, SoundCloud has been the primary source for bootlegged/unofficial remixes from up-and-comers and an essential tool for uploading DJ mixes, as the site is protected under Safe Harbor law. The already struggling music service might have to fight even harder to keep with it.

But, back to the good news — there will be even more music listening possibilities hitting the market very soon. Sony’s long list of premiere musicians includes ColdplayEd SheeranMiley CyrusEminemLady GagaTaylor Swift and even The Beatles, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

Consider this an overall win for music!

Sources: Gizmodo | TechCrunch

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