Slushii Updates “Slushmello” Design

Slushii Marshmello Slushmello

Slushii and Marshmello go hand in hand. They both have collaborated in the past and are associated with each other for their similar styles in music. Slushii can credit Marshmello for helping his rise in popularity so it makes sense that Slushii gets a helmet of his own.

We first saw the “Slushmello” hat back in April during his set at Something Wonderful and while it was a surprise, it was fitting. It was my first time seeing Slushii live and I honestly thought it was a normal part of the set. The helmet had a likeness of Marshmello’s but it stayed true to Slushii’s identity. It looks like Slushii has a new helmet and can he thank Collective Designs for the update. The newest rendition of his helmet is closer to Marshmello’s but it is still recognizable as Slushii’s through the coloring.

loops radio

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