Sunstars Coins Dance Music’s Next Subgenre with “Ghetto Funk”

Like their namesake elements, Sunstars has a knack for fusing unexpected styles of dance music into a catchy and unique sound that is all their own.

Their newest release, appropriately titled “Ghetto Funk,” is a perfect example of their production prowess—from the moment the first roomy, bouncy bassline drops, the track begs for booty shaking, foot stomping, and mean muggin’ throughout its entirety.

Download “Ghetto Funk”

It’s clear that Sunstars is here to teach us “the sound of ghetto funk” as they perceive it. The track is Sunstars‘s first single release on Protocol Recordings, which follows their premiere on the label with “Flames” as part of the Protocol ADE 2016 Compilation.

Label head Nicky Romero has taken a shine to Sunstars‘s productions, dropping both “Flames” and “Ghetto Funk” some of his biggest shows as of late, such as Balaton Sound, Tomorrowland and Ultra Europe.

Nicky also held the worldwide premiere of “Ghetto Funk” on Protocol Radio, where he also interviewed the trio as a new part of the Protocol family. With more new music coming soon, there’s no doubt that this is only the beginning of the journey for Sunstars.

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