Plastik Funk Teams Up With Alex Prince On ‘Damaged Heart’

plastik funk damaged heart

Plastik Funk – ‘Damaged Heart‘ – Sometimes a broken heart requires happy romance movies, tears, and pints of ice cream to mend…and sometimes all it needs is a good song to dance to. Whether or not you’re down in the dumps, leave it to Plastik Funk to release brand new music that lifts your spirits and moves your body.

Funk‘s newest release on Armada Deep ‘Damaged Heart,’ pairs his signature bouncy, funky vibe with hit singer Alex Prince‘s impeccable and emotive vocals. With its deep, groovy vibes, ‘Damaged Heart‘ is the perfect track for the last bright and balmy days of summer.

The man behind dynamic, euphoric hits like ‘Sunrise,’ ‘Here We Go‘ and the classic ‘Tight,’ is none other than Rafael Ximenez-Carrillo, who has made it his mission to get people dancing and make them feel good through his music. Anyone who has ever seen his live sets can attest that he accomplishes this undertaking with ease; he has played at some of the world’s best festivals and clubs as part of the crew on Armada Music, where many of his productions have found a home. He recently kicked off his #FunkYouVeryMuch Monthly Radio Show, which is brimming with the freshest in groovy, energetic tunes and a dose of personality from the man himself. With several new releases in the queue, Plastik Funk always has something.

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