Things have been fairly tough in Texas following the devasting effects of Hurricane Harvey, but for musicians, things might turn out okay. Music-focused speciality finance firm Sound Royalties has just announced a generous royalty advance of $250,000 to all music professionals affected by last week’s Hurricane. Best of all? The money is interest-free and fee-free.

Sound Royalties’ CEO first came up with the idea of making the loan widely available to hurricane-affected musicians after helping out Houston-based hip-hop and EDM producer Enzo. The money from Sound Royalties allowed Enzo to “help us with food, gas, and whatever else we need.”

“You can’t find people and institutions that, out of a kind heart, choose to help out a family, so I’m very grateful,” said Enzo. “I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me and my family.”

Sound Royalties will advance up to $5000 to all songwriters, producers, artists, to assist with their storm recovery efforts.

To apply, head on over to the Sound Royalties website here or call 1-844-4ALL-MUSIC and hopefully more organizations are encouraged to ramp up their philanthropic efforts as well!

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