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Some Google Employees Decided To Bring Their Own Lobster To Burning Man

Well Burning Man may have just ended, but the funny stories from the event have not. Leave it to this unique week-long festival to provide us with new groundbreaking ways to enjoy an extended time in the desert with friends.

People come from all over the world to enjoy events like Burning Man – and apparently, they also bring food from all over the world to enjoy there. A few people who work at Google in Sunnyvale, California reportedly brought fresh lobster all the way from Maine to the fest. They had a 10-pound box of fresh live lobsters shipped to their office in CA, then carried the lobsters with them to Black Rock City.

The hot Nevada desert seems like the last place you could find some good seafood, but bringing eclectic food and drinks to playa has become less and less of a surprise every year. Perhaps we’ll see that bringing in your own delicacies like this will become even more of a tradition to this event as attendees find their own way to make their time at Burning Man unique.

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