The Cosmic Nomad Unveil Little Black Diamond “Athena Skirt” Festival Apparel Line

Little Black Diamond Product

Cosmic Nomad & Little Black Diamond – “Athena Skirt” – Founded in 2017, The Cosmic Nomad is the communities’ latest and newest apparel company and without a doubt, it’s already fast-growing and genuine, with a vision to create a brand that not only represents adventures lifestyle, but also to bring great quality products to people in the vast, eclectic and colorful EDM soundscapes.

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Seeking to create a new standard in the EDM community, The Cosmic Nomad wants to bring together a community of astounding artists and people under one roof to share in the joy of life’s adventure and the excitement of electronic dance music. To that end, they have unveiled their latest festival apparel line from Little Black Diamond.

Made by Little Black Diamond, the newly revealed festival apparel line features the “Athena Skirt” style, accompanied by a variety of diverse and powerfully empowering designs. Specifically, their product “Athena Skirt in Siren Sequin” is currently priced at $79 and is made with two sequin panels and an extra wide comfy stretch band. The super sparkly Athena skirts pack a powerful punch and can be worn with the panels in the front & back or in the side.

Made using ethical labor practices in San Diego, California, you just have to check these out via the link below or shop link above! And guys, spread the word to your ladies, this may be their favorite outfits for 2018’s festival season!

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