Markus Schulz’ South Florida-Based Coldharbour Studios Was Looted During Hurricane Irma

As Floridians return with trepidation to their homes and the damage of Hurricane Irma is assessed, many find themselves without electricity, facing roof damage and yards full of heavy debris. It’s bad enough facing the storm’s havoc, but Markus Schulz found his South Florida studio the victim of looters.

The trance icon returned from an evacuation in Buenos Aires to find his Coldharbour Studios, located the Pembroke Pines neighborhood, robbed of most of its equipment, including his gold Pioneer mixer, an honorary gift for winning DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ award a few years ago.

“The equipment can of course be replaced, but something which was cherished with prestige, pride and sentimental value cannot,” Schulz writes via Facebook. “Knowing that returning home and no longer being able to look at something as special as this residing in the studio makes me incredibly sad. I cannot understand that in a time where lives are at risk, being lost and housing being destroyed, that there are people out there with this kind of mindset.”

Looting was a serious problem across the southern half of the state, where camera footage showed people robbing a few athletic stores. A curfew was imposed on the area, and many looters have been caught by police. Our thoughts go out to Schulz and all those who find themselves further victimized during what is already a solemn affair.

loops radio


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