Send music to friends in Spotify’s new iMessage app


As a part of its new update this week, Spotify has announced an iMessage application that will allow its users to send music to each other.

Users can simply search for a song in Spotify’s music library and tap to send it with a friend. When received, the friend will be able to preview a 30-second clip of the song. To play the full song, all they need to do is click on it, which will send the user into Spotify.

Apple Music has a search function as well, but it doesn’t allow users to search the music library for songs. For Apple Music users to send music to friends, the tracks must be from their recently listened list. Unlike the new Spotify function, though, Apple Music users can listen to full tracks in Messages instead of jumping to an external app.

Though with slightly variations, music streaming apps are consistently working to create easier and more accessible ways for their users to send music to their friends.

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