Kaskade announces twelve-date Redux tour By Rachel Narozniak

When it comes to live performances, it’s time for Kaskade fans to re-up. The “Nobody Like You” producer is prepared to disarm listeners via a twelve-date Redux tour set to touch down in nine different cities. A follow up to Kaskade’s recently released Redux EP 002, the tour is a more intimate approach to the typical live show structure of dance music events, its smaller scale intended to “pay homage to the stripped-down clubs and deeper house music of his [Kaskade’s] early career.”

Kaskade will debut his Redux tour in Boston on September 27th, stopping by Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, Vancouver, Sacramento, Huntington Beach, Austin, Dallas, and of course, New York City. Those interested in attending a Redux show must sign up to receive a code to purchase tickets to the tour. Tickets will go on sale on Monday, September 18th at 1 PM EST. View the complete list of tour dates and locations, and sign up a the ticket purchase code here.

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