Step Into the Studio With Avicii & Friends In ‘Without You’ Behind-the-Scenes Video

Pay close attention to second 49 in the following video. It’s the moment where Avicii experiences pure joy. It’s really cute, actually. He’s sitting with his buddy in the studio, the guy is on guitar duty, and the moment the “Le7els” producer asks for a lilting flourish, he gets it, and then he claps and kicks in hsi chair like a school boy.

This is the anatomy of a hit. It’s the inner workings of one of dance music’s most elusive minds. It’s a video of Avicii and his crew writing and recording his hit “Without You,” a song that sits at No. 18 on the Hot Dance/Electronic chart and breached charts in 24 nations the world over.

It’s an interesting video, because it shows how Tim Bergling works. He may not be the one with his fingers on the axe, but he’s driving this ship into glory, no doubt. We also get to watch as his friend Sandro Cavazza lays down the track’s live vocals, special shout out to that cool tapestry in the vocal booth.

The whole clip really showcases how the best music comes from having fun. “Sloppier and harder at the same time.” Can you decipher these directions? Cavazza can, and that’s all that matters. Step into the studio, and watch the behind-the-scenes video below.

loops radio


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