Alan Walker – The Spectre

Alan Walker is back with a remake of his instrumental song ‘The Spectre’. The hooded DJ dedicates this new track to his core fans who have followed him since the beginning. ‘The Spectre’ starts off with a melancholy melody and subtle vocal that leads you to a lively breakdown full of percussive beats. With lyrics such as “Hello, hello Nice to meet you, Voice inside my head“, Walker chooses to go with a calmer accompaniment to let the vocals shine. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of action during the instrumental portions to make you dance.

Alan Walker is known for using beautiful melodies in his music and first broke through with his single ‘Faded’ in 2015. With the release of his new song Walker begins the Asian section of his 2017 Walker Tour. He will cover several countries throughout Asia including China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and more.

In addition to a new track a video has been released to accompany it. Watch the video of the vocal version of ‘The Spectre’ below.

loops radio


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