Steve Aoki & Bad Royale Live The Lux Life With Big Gigantic, Ma$e in ‘$4,000,000’

Yo, Ma$e is back, and ain’t nothing changed by the limp this time — because his pockets are so damn stacked with paper, he can’t help but lean.

Life is a swimming pool of gold coins, and you’re invited to dive right in on Steve Aoki and Bad Royale’s collaborative single “$4,000,000,” featuring cool verses from the Bad Boy rapper and sexy saxophone from dance music’s favorite jazz bros, Big Gigantic. It’s the latest single from Aoki’s collaborative album KOLONY, for which he created a ton of stunning visual counterparts, all taking place in a fanciful “Dim Mak Manor,” some magical place where mannequins come to life.

“$4,000,000” follows Ma$e as he goes through his pre-show ritual, which includes gettin’ fly as hell, being waited on hand and foot, and just generally being cooler and richer than you.

It’s a good time, and that hook is gonna get you ready to pop off all weekend long. Check out the video below.

loops radio


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