EDM’s Newest Star: Bruce Springsteen

Arty’s newest single on STMPD RCRDS, ‘Supposed To Be‘, features vocals from Coyle Girelli. What make his record like no other is Arty’s incredible talent clashing with one of rock’s legends, Bruce Springsteen.

Not caught by the public eye, ‘Supposed To Be’ has a secret writer. The 20-time Grammy Award recipient, Bruce Springsteen, has been credited as a writer for the first time in an EDM single. ‘Supposed to Be’ is sensitive, inspiring, and powerful just as Bruce Springsteen’s anthemic style. Arty, one of the scenes underdogs, has focused on creating something meaningful. This collaboration blends two of the most unexpected musician’s sounds into a timeless Dance Pop anthem.

As EDM continues to recreate itself, Arty continues to break down barriers. It is not typical to see an EDM producer link up with one of rock’s greatest artists. Arty, a pioneer of progressive trance and EDM, has opened a door to many producers. This rock/EDM fusion has opened a gateway to future collaborations of this sort. Will anyone be able to do it though?

loops radio


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