While fans were expecting a new single from Kygo on Friday, called “Stargazing,” the Norwegian producer surprised fans with an entire new EP dropped today! The release includes two new songs including “Stargazing,” and another song “This Town” with Sasha Sloan, in addition to already released songs “It Ain’t Me,” “First Time,” and “You’re The Best Thing About Me,” with Selena GomezEllie Goulding, and U2, respectively.

Focusing on the two new tracks first, “Stargazing” with Justin Jesso has been teased by Kygo for months now, and sounds even better with a legitimate HQ release. However, it’s “This Town” with Sasha Sloan that really takes the cake.

This song is probably closer to what fans thought of when Kygo said he was moving away from tropical house – it’s a pure ballad with delicate guitar notes and understated production. Sloan’s vocals come shining through brilliantly with the lack of clutter, creating a wonderful atmosphere and a slow, rhythmic hit.

You should already be familiar with the remaining three singles on the album, as they’ve been released by Kygothroughout the year. The EP as a whole is wonderful, and a pleasant surprise, though fans are still waiting for the two songs that Kygo debuted at Ultra this year during his surprise performance.

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