Flux Pavilion Tries His Hand at Hip-Hop on ‘Stain/Saxophone Doom’ Double Release

For some of your favorite dance producers, hip-hop is that new fun zone. Skrillex has been messin’ with the rappers. deadmau5 has been putting out really wild tracks with U.K. MC Shotty Harroh, and now, Flux Pavilion is trying his hand in a real funky, real cool double-track package.

“Stain” sounds like what you might imagine Flux Pavilion running some raps might sound like. It’s hella synthy, bass-heavy, and stompin’. It’s bright and bossy, with dangerous lyrics about whiskey, weed, and mosh pits. Atlanta’s Two-9 collective are on the mic. Together, the collab brings some serious ATL heat.

“Saxophone Doom,” on the other hand, sounds like some straight up ain’t-ever-heard-it-like-this. Flux is quirky all over the beat, switching up the vibe and the lean, coming in dark and mysterious, giving Two-9’s Jace and fellow-Atlantian Curtis Williams a lot of room to get weird and wonky. It’s future, for sure, and we hope to hear more experimental awesomeness from Flux like this in the months to come.

Both tunes dropped on Soundcloud as free downloads. Put your moshin’ shoes on, and listen to “Stain” and “Saxophone Doom” below.


loops radio


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