Black Tiger Sex Machine & YOOKiE Collab On Beastly New Track ‘Lions’

black tiger sex machine yookie lions

Black Tiger Sex Machine & YOOKiE – ‘Lions‘ – If you’re hunting for your next bass music fix, get ready to pounce on Black Tiger Sex Machine and YOOKiE‘s beastly new collaboration ‘Lions.’ Teaming up for one of the heaviest bass collabs of the year, the two boundary-pushing acts give us a piece of their minds with their ferocious new single.

Known for their hard-hitting approach to bass music, New York duo and brothers YOOKiE are on a mission to push sonic boundaries. Toting an admirable reputation within the bass music scene, they have already collaborated with and remixed some of the biggest players in the game, including SlanderNGHTMREDillon FrancisSkrillex and The Chainsmokers.

A production trio hailing from Canada, Black Tiger Sex Machine are an act that anyone with a penchant for heavier sounds will immediately recognise. Known for their dark, gritty take on the genre and their fierce stage presence, BTSM have managed to carve out their very own niche in the ever-evolving electronic landscape – heading up the globally renowned Kannibalen Records to boot.

Lions‘ is a growling blend of the dark and twisted musicality that BTSM and YOOKiE are so notorious for. Dipping in to the murky realms of experimental bass, ‘Lions‘ bassline is dark and dangerous. A thunderous track poised to kill, this is a collab not to be missed.


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