Borgeous’ Future Waves Sound ‘Sweeter Without You’ Feat. Taylr Renee

After you’ve cried your tears and torn up all your photographs, it’s time for moving on. Call your friends, get all gussied up, and paint the town red. You’ll soon find out how much fun you can still have, especially when you blast Borgeous’ latest single “Sweeter Without You.”

Singer Taylr Renee tells the story of how a woman on her own makes the best of a breakup. Yes, she still loves her ex, but she’s not going to sit around and feel sorry for herself anymore. She’s drinking whiskey, she’s dancing with strangers, she’s leaning on her besties, and she’s ready to ride.

The soft piano melody hints at that last lingering bit of heartbreak, but its uplifting chords keep the focus on moving forward. Even bittersweet songs are “Sweeter Without You,” and this one is out everywhere on Geosus Records. Listen below.


loops radio


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