Nothing “Laidback” About Luke During ADE 2017

Laidback Luke 2017 Flier

Laidback Luke – Kung Fu Class – ADE 2017 – During all the ADE madness, Laidback Luke will change pace with his Kung Fu class. On the 19th of October, “TrainMore” will be the backdrop for some well needed mental health and exercise. The DJ, producer and label owner, who also happens to be a professional Kung Fu athlete will share his skills in an intimate setting with those joining him for his class which is open to all levels, so also beginners are welcome!

Purchase Tickets Here

With all the craziness that the ADE week brings, Luke provides that well-deserved break with some mental health and exercise with his Kung Fu Class. With multiple gold medals, won at the last edition of the Kung Fu world championship in Hong Kong, Luke is willing to share his knowledge and skills.

For twenty plus years Laidback Luke has been a household name in the global dance scene. With his adaptability, he managed to distinct himself from most other DJs and producers. With a global fan base in every corner of the global, he still manages to capture the attention of many. Besides the fact that he is a successful DJ and Producer and label owner, he has without a doubt also proven himself as a professional Kung Fu Athlete.

With the intimate setting of the Kung Fu class there will be only a limited amount of tickets available. These can be bought on Laidback Luke‘s official website!


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