Mokita Releases “Goodbye” ft. Maty Noyes

Buzzing artist, songwriter, and producer MOKITA releases his new single “Goodbye” featuring Maty Noyes via Casablanca Records and Armada Music.

Download “Goodbye”

Of the track, he comments, “I’ve been obsessed with Third Eye Blind ever since I was a little kid. The reason ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ stuck out to me was because of the dark lyrical content and the happy upbeat production on the original. I thought it would be cool to somehow flip it, make it relationally based, and darken it up a little on the production side. Once we got Maty‘s voice on it, it just added another layer of depth that was so perfect for the song.”

American born artist, songwriter, and producer, John-Luke Carter, known professionally as MOKITA, has quickly gained attention for his ability to blend huge pop hooks with zen-like production, certainly playing into the meaning behind his stage name.

The word “MOKITA,” which derives from a language called Kivila, known to be spoken in Papua New Guinea, translates loosely to “the truth we all know but agree not to talk about.”

Since starting the project in 2016, MOKITA became recognized for his debut single, Monopoly, which was a collaboration with vocalist, CADE.  Within only a few months, Monopoly surpassed 10 million streams on Spotify.

The follow-up release titled, Heaven, further exemplified MOKITA’s talent as a triple-threat musical creator as it was written, produced, and sung by MOKITA.

Since, MOKITA has been commissioned to create remixes for the likes of Cheat Codes, legendary dance artist, Armin Van Burren, and up and comers Betty Who and Taylor Bouno to name a few.  His third single, titled Goodbye, is a re-imagination of Third Eye Blind’s 90’s hit single, Semi-Charmed Life and was created as a duet featuring rising pop icon, Maty Noyes.


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