Dirtcaps Drop “Klash: Dime Pieces II”

dirtcaps klash dime pieces ii

Dirtcaps – Klash: Dime Pieces II – Since the release of KLASH: Dime Pieces at the end of March this year, fans have been eager to see what direction the sound of Dirtcaps‘ KLASH label would go in. Today, they’ve gotten the highly-anticipated answer to their question as Dirtcaps dropped the second edition of the series: KLASH: Dime Pieces II.

Where the very first installment of Dirtcaps‘ KLASH: Dime Pieces series was the first step towards the musical direction of their KLASH label, KLASH: Dime Pieces II sees seventeen tracks from the biggest talents build on that sound and feeling. Packed with cuts from Dirtcaps & ReebsGreg DelaJegers & Killmod3Luza RezzaRed Hood SquadTreeko and more, this second edition of the series not only offers fifteen exclusive records, but also shows that Dirtcaps value the quality of music above all else.


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