Alpha 9 Debuts New Single ‘Blossom’

alpha 9 blossom

Alpha 9 – ‘Blossom‘ – Setting moods and trends with unparalleled efficiency, Alpha 9 keeps turning heads with his sublime productions. With ’Blossom,’ he brandishes jaw-dropping chord progressions and tender sounds, which culminate in a record able to lift people up and touch their hearts. Like the first flower of a cherry tree, ’Blossom‘ gives the world of music its brilliant colors.

Alpha 9, also known by his alter ego Arty, got the vibes going with his new track ‘Blossom.’ Uplifting and soft at the same time, brilliant! Loved by many, it’s no surprise ‘Blossom‘ is featured on A State Of Trance Ibiza 2017Alpha 9 is really booming, ‘The Night Is Ours‘ just hit 4 million streams and was only released in the beginning of this year!


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