Deorro Release “Burn Out” On Panda Funk

Deorro Releases “Butt Naked” on Ultra Music

Los Angeles producer and party-starter Deorro returns to scene with a new release, “Burn Out,”and a modern take on an old sound. Longtime fans of his may recall music from his earlier days in the new track’s Melbourne bounce sound, but “Burn Out” has a distinctly edgier vibe that can best be described as a fusion of bounce and hardstyle.

Download “Burn Out”

Deorro has coined the sound “hard bounce,” and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. “Burn Out”keeps a relentless, high-energy pace throughout its entirety, but its bouncy bassline makes it more dancefloor friendly than a traditional hardstyle track.

See how long you last grooving to this massive track, which is out on Panda Funk. This is Deorro‘s first single after the incredibly successful release of his debut full-length album, Good Evening, earlier this year on Ultra Records.

It’s more than an introduction to a creative mind, it’s a story of sound and feeling,” quoted Billboard of the 24-track journey that showcased many versions of Deorro‘s production capacity.

With so many sides of the talented artist yet to be discovered, we can’t wait to see what Deorro comes up with next. Catch him on the road this fall during his Existence bus tour, which runs from October 27th to December 9th and hits many US cities including New York, the DC area, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver and more.


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