Third Floor x Olsen “Lost In You” ft. Boswell

Sydney producer Third Floor has teamed up with fellow producer, and friend, Olsen on a track that conjures up all the feelings of a deep love.

Download “Lost In You”

Lost In You’ features vocals by singer-songwriter Boswell, and plays part of the first installment of a new series called ‘Dream Funk Vol. 1’. Each time the three artists collaborate, the track will be added to the series, with a follow up release to be dropped early next year.

Boswell’s luscious vocals give that sense of yearning and desire; a real quench for that level of undeniable intimacy.

“The song is about the intense, exciting and apprehensive emotions about falling in love with another at such a rapid rate. Despite our instinctual self-protective measures to hide our feelings, internally we are exhilarated. There is however, an internal conflict of keeping those feelings to ourselves, or being vulnerable and laying them all on the line,” Third Floor said.

There is such a breezy quality to the house productions of this track, and it whisks you away into a haven of fantasy-inspired bass lines and percussion.

“We wanted to create music that was personal, emotive yet grooving and uplifting. The combination of our collaborative sonic expressions resulted in dream like funk sound that instantly transports the listener to a blissful wonderland” he said. 


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