JANE XØ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Jane XØ has revealed her new track, ‘Let Me Down Easy’. The emotional song follows the release of ‘Love Me’ and its follow-up remix EP ‘Alternate Love’ earlier this year, and continues a series of incredibly high quality trap-pop productions which have left critics astounded and consistently questioning the identity of the artist.

Since emerging in 2016 with a mysterious Soundcloud account, and zero followers, Jane XØ has caught the attention of the electronic music community around the world. In her few public comments, Jane has expressed her wish to remain anonymous. “Being able to express myself musically without limits, no worries of judgement, no worries of success or failure.”

JANE XØ let me down easy ile ilgili görsel sonucu

While speculation is rife about her true identity, one things remain certain – Jane XØ’s music is a surefire hit. Her feature with Mike Perry ‘Touching You Again’ has amassed over 17.5 million streams on Spotify alone, and with her own productions she she’s consistently climbed the Hype Machine charts as well as amounting millions of streams across all platforms.

In her ambient, floating signature sound, Jane XØ blends urban pop, world music and dance elements into an exotic, laid-back chill out tune in a class of its own. Danceable electro sounds, crisp staccato beats, warped tribal influences, and above all Jane XØ’s distinctive, sexy, goosebumps-evoking vocals.

What stands Jane XØ apart from other artists in her field, is that all ego has been stripped away in favour of purity in the pursuit of her art. Keeping the images behind the music and the vocals of Jane XØ completely anonymous – the wild, untamed emotion and passionate personality in the songs and performances take centre stage. Jane makes music that resonates and connects. She takes no notice of judgments and doesnt worry about what critics might have to say. By doing so, the art and ideas are kept intact.

Song after song, Jane is all about bringing the truth to light. For her, the future is wide open, the possibilities are endless, and the music is what matters.

‘Let Me Down Easy’ is available here: https://smg.lnk.to/JaneXOLetMeDownEasy


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