Moha Releases New Single “A-Side” ,Album Listening Party 10/23 Rough Trade NYC

Out now, Senegalese-American artist, Moha, releases the culmination of his time spent across three continents with first single “A-Side.” A cut off his forthcoming debut full-length album, FIT,  Moha channels  a rare perspective on what life’s journey entails in different parts of the world.

As a multi-insturmentalist, using his voice, organic instrumentation and production, Moha has managed to capture a unique window into the mesmerizing sounds of each continent. Through his training on piano and guitar, Moha has developed a way to tell the incredible stories of the people and places he’s lived, and thus, he doesn’t classify himself as a singer, but more so a storyteller. His first single “A-Side” represents the first piece of Moha’s unfolding narrative.
“A-Side” is the first song being released off the album, but not the first piece of the story Moha will be telling. Moha is purposely revealing the songs out of order, adding even more mystery to the ethos of his storytell. This particular track represents the moment you’re first learning about someone, and wish they would tell you everything on their mind, because of the mixed signals you are receiving. While difficult to pigeonhole because of the track’s myriad of influences, “A-Side” is an anthemic pop and R&B mixture that features Moha’s raspy vocals a top of complex aural composition of drums, guitar, and horns.

FIT Album Debut Party
October 23rd, 2017
Rough Trade
New York, NY

If unfamiliar, with Moha before now, he recorded and released his first EP, “Things Won’t Always Be The Same,” while working with a few major labels in Paris, and subsequently toured Europe and NYC. Aside from his original work, Moha’s work with Jehro awarded him the prestigous Les Victories De La Musique award for songwriting in France.

Moha will be playing this single, along with the rest of the forthcoming album, for the first time at Rough Trade in Williamsburg on October 23.  Tickets available here.


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