Mike Williams “Tip of my Tongue” Out Now

Familiar to Musical Freedom, Dutch DJ, remixer and producer Mike Williams brings us another huge track with his new release Tip of my Tongue. Mike Williams, who is known for his sense of serenity and overwhelming modesty, always comes in incredibly strong, and this release certainly is no different.

Download “Tip of my Tongue”

Mike Williams’ musical passion originated from piano at the ripe age of 12. Like many DJs he was drawn to the growing possibilities of producing… Little did he know, he would go from bedroom producer to international success in the small space of two years.

Mike Williams first drew attention to his work with numerous bootlegs and remixes of songs such as Blame – Calvin Harris and I Really Like You – Carly Rae Jepson. It wasn’t long before he caught the eye of Musical Freedom founder, Tiësto.

Having worked with Tiësto on various tracks such as I Want YouMike Williams has also delivers heavy stand alone tracks Bambini and Sweet & SourMike Williams has control over every detail in his career. From the first note that he has ever written to the smallest detail in his live shows; the commitment toward everything that his fans get to experience is seemingly endless.

Named as one of one of the ‘artists of the future’ a few years ago,  now he’s on an impressive ride flooring us with banger after banger. Mike Williams’ new Musical Freedom track Tip of my Tongueteases and builds in a way only he masters. As quoted by him… it all starts with the drop.


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