We have recently been given an amazing opportunity to interview Q & A some of the most talented: artists, songwriters, and producers. This interview with Hookie Mousse .


FYS : What’s the story behind the name Hookie Mousse?

HOOKIE MOUSSE : In my beginnings the name I had chosen was “Stardust”, when it starts with the production note that the name already existed in the world, then I understood that I had to create something unique. My name and surname are very common “Martin Cabrera”, I was not enthusiastic about the idea. I do not know what was on TV and a character called him Hook, I liked how it sounded, I decided that my name should be “Hookie”, the problem was that it sounded very empty, then start testing combinations, until Mousse came out like chocolate , there is born “Hookie Mousse” the only problem is that people say to me like Mouse disney, I have already become accustomed. I am satisfied and happy with my artistic name I have created something original and unique.


FYS : How long have you been creating music, and how has your music evolved over time?

HOOKIE MOUSSE : Almost accidentally started my career, I worked in a matine (under 18 years), and there was an electronic event that the DJ would not be able to attend on the turn over 18 years. I liked the electronic music already at that time, but I had never played a console, they said “do not worry, the club dj will come from the other block, lend a console and teach you”, and so it was, I had console of the typical of the years 2000 double compactera denon only wav cds one week in my house and the other weekend i play in the event. Then I went to the dj club that taught me and played in stages of the night. Then that dj decided to change clubs and I was like the resident. As I was younger, my mother would sometimes accompany me to the clubs where I was a guest, and I also spoke with the owners to authorize me. I play in my first club with 16 years. To my 18 years and knowing the little offer of musics and musical monotony, I understood that to excel I should create something of my own, I’m interested in the production of reading, watching tutorials, and trying out hours every day every month. I have learned alone even without knowing how to play any instrument. I have never produced with loops, or “precreated” music. My songs are created from scratch. My music and the genres that I have produced, have evolved alongside the music industry. One can not remain stuck in a style, everything in life advances, transforms, merges. A good producer is one who can always remain modern and not get stuck in a genre, A good producer is one who has the ability to evolve and learn to create different things.

FYS :  What made you gravitate towards EDM music? Have you always wanted to be an EDM DJ?

HOOKIE MOUSSE : In the edm or Electro House, I found feelings and emotions that no other genre made me feel. Songs with vocals, good lyrics, good voices, harmonious descents, energy explanations, is the perfect combination to electrify anyone. The edm makes you cry, I’ve had to cry in recitals with some haha songs. Edm Djs have made songs with world number one artists, maddona, rihanna, ellie goulding, the doors musicians, robbie williams, slash, sting, paramore, coldplay, etc


FYS :  Who or what has influenced your music?

HOOKIE MOUSSE : In 2006, when I started to love electronic music, my references and favorite artists were: Laidback Luke, Steve Angello, Afrojack, Mastiksoul, Eddie Thoneick, David Guetta, Deadmau5, Klaas, Mondo, Vandalism and Robbie Rivera

FYS : What’s next for you in your career?

HOOKIE MOUSSE : I can stop playing in clubs, or play a few times a year. But I can not stop producing, if it is true that there are times of zero creativity, I think that art is a blow of inspiration, and it varies greatly the emotional and sentimental moment of the artist. But all these years I’ve never stopped creating music. I am a dreamer of life, and I have struggled for many years to make a name for me, to grow and achieve things, my maximum dream is to be able to share my music in other countries, to have audiences of different nationalities, to know other places in the world. I hope someday I can keep it.



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