WHY WE DJ - SLAVES TO THE RHYTHM ile ilgili görsel sonucu

In a revealing new documentary investigating the reality of what being a professional DJ is really like, from the hype and parties to relentless touring and the toll that can take on both physical and mental health.

Following the success of last year’s ‘The Underground Sound of Paris’, ‘Why We DJ – Slaves To The Rhythm’ delves deep into the psyche of the DJ, exploring the motivations that drive people to pursue a career behind the decks in the first place and the effects it can have.

In refreshingly candid interviews from artist managers, tour managers, Psychologists, music industry professionals and DJs including Carl Cox, Luciano, Seth Troxler, Erick Morillo, B.Traits, Ben Pearce and Pete Tong MBE we hear stories of the lofty highs and plunging lows DJs can experience on a daily basis.

‘Why We DJ – Slaves To The Rhythm’ provides an honest look at the lives of professional DJs from the point of view of the people subjected to a heavy schedule of travel, sleep deprivation and creative pressure, whilst constantly under the social media spotlight. For the first time, the film examines how DJs can suffer from conditions such as imposter syndrome, opening up the discussion about the sometimes-dark places artists can easily find themselves in when they’re off stage.

Soundtrack (in order of appearance):

1. North Shore – B.Traits // In.Toto http://bit.ly/2hNQi2F

2. The Magic Room (Dino Lenny & Seth Troxler Re-edit) – Dino Lenny & Doorly // Play It Say It http://bit.ly/2kYwuOQ

3. No Escape (Stephan Macias remix) – Fraser Stuart // Under No Illusion http://bit.ly/2zwlyex

3a. Oenologue – Luciano // Cadenza Records http://bit.ly/2yy1SXT

4. Fran Left Home – Luciano // Cadenza Records http://bit.ly/2yTz8Mc

5. Junkyard Tool – Seth Troxler // Tuskegee Music http://bit.ly/2glD1ya ,

6. Bloom – Robert Babicz (Oliver Schories remix) // Traum Schallplatten http://bit.ly/2x5VXaQ

7. Loving You (instr) – Lane 8 // Just Isn’t Music http://bit.ly/2l0rU2S

8. Middle – Ben Pearce // Different Records & PIAS http://bit.ly/2ziZNOl

9. Transit – Ben Pearce // Different Records & PIAS http://bit.ly/2zxWm7H

10. Death in Venice – TadlR // Armadillo Records http://bit.ly/2x5OLvo

11. Curious Heart – Robert Babicz // Traum Schallplatten http://bit.ly/2ijUJ9u

12. Still Points – B.Traits // In.Toto http://bit.ly/2njdkkq


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