Electronic music mogul Zedd named as one of Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′

forbes zedd 30 under 30 ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Zedd is making “money moves.”

Forbes has released the 2017 installment of its iconic “30 Under 30” list, a titling that distinguishes 600 business and industry figures, selecting 30 impactful entities across a variety of industries. This year, EDM-pop sweetheart Zedd has made the list. The catalogue highlights a range of industry areas, including Art & Style, Energy, Youngest, and Celebrities. To sweeten the deal, the 28-year-old electronic music mogul has not only scored a spot on the revered ranking, but he even grabbed the cover of Forbes’ latest issue.

Zedd’s status as a big-time electronic earner is quantitatively solidified: he netted $19 million this year, amassing a total $85 million over the course of the past five years. “I see myself as an artist who presents a show,” Zedd explains in the magazine’s cover interview.

“It used to be really cheap to make a show—I used to be able to keep all the money. Now the shows cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

The figures highlight the care that Zedd puts into his craft. The “Stay” producer’s reinvestment in his live performances makes for stadium-packing entertainment with high caliber production quality. And while DJing may be his platform, Zedd carefully points out that his live show is “not a DJ show at all.” Praising his production crew, Zedd elaborates,

“What’s important for me is for the crowd to go home and think that was an incredible experience. And to think that they can’t get that same experience from anybody else. My team can, in real time, see what I am about to play, and can adjust and create the visuals, and the lighting looks, and the colors that we rehearsed for the song.”

Zedd underscores his DJing flexibility despite the rehearsed nature of his live productions, making for a cinematic yet fluid show schema. The “30 under 30” honoree places a premium on the experiential angle of an electronic show, though he expresses interest in potentially going “unplugged” in the future as a departure from his current performance style. The extensive cover interview canvasses the vision behind Zedd’s own Double Zero headphone line, his stance on streaming, and working on his next album in the coming year. Read the full interview with Forbes here.

H/T: Forbes


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