Will Sparks with New Spinnin’ Release “What I Do”

Part of the Melbourne massive, Will Sparks has made serious waves as a dance floor innovator in the electronic scene. Will has an endless supply of electro-house gems under his belt, and is constantly ahead of the game in the dance music world. After a successful summer with hotly anticipated singles Take Me and Young & Free, Will now releases another signature slow building track, What I Do.

Download “What I Do”

Will Sparks’ huge list of previous collaborations include recent single Young & Free with singer songwriter, actress and multi talent Priyanka Chopra which hit #2 on the BP Big Room chart. This comes amongst a mountain of other successes such as his remix of Blurred Lines by Robin Thick. All taken in this young DJ’s stride, also known as one of Billboard’s most exciting young talents.

New effort from Will SparksWhat I Do, represents him truly finding his voice. Between the heavy bass and raw vocals, this track is tinged with underground vibes and sees darker depths than Willhas reached before… Now solidly into his musical career, this is the second track where we are treated to Will’s own vocals, after his singing debut in Another Land. As Will said, this is what he does.


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