Growlz Signs To Circus Records With ‘Gang Of Killerz’

Growlz ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Circus Records are proud to introduce you to their newest signing, Growlz. The California-based producer combines his knowledge of audio engineering and sound design with his experience in film production to bring a rich, unique, and cinematic quality to his work. Since adopting the Growlz pseudonym in 2015, Jake Schuhas had a string of successful major label releases, A-list collaborations with artists such as Riot Ten and Holly, and had tracks played out by the likes of Borgore and Jayceeoh.

Growlz is making his Circus Records debut with ‘Gang of Killerz,’ a wonky tune, combining heavy-hitting frequencies with cinematic sound design that sets listeners on a dark adventure from start to finish. It’s a killer track that takes a step away from the sounds of the dubstep of today, and pays homage to the wubs of dubstep past. Make no mistake, it’s a track that lives up to the artist’s name – this track growls like the beast it is!


loops radio


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