How I PLAY: Carl Cox MODEL 1 DJ Set-Up

PLAYdifferently have released a video in their ‘How I PLAY’ series, featuring Carl Cox discussing his technical set-up with the company’s acclaimed MODEL 1 mixer.

The video sees the much-loved DJ provide insight into the ins-and-outs of his legendary multiple-deck set-up, touching on everything from filtering techniques to use of FX and how he treats the mixer like an instrument.

“Making a video with the Model 1 was a lot of fun,” Cox said. “To be able to really show what this mixer can do from my point of view was a pleasure to show.”

Designed by Minus frontman Richie Hawtin in collaboration with Andy Rigby-Jones, Coxy has been performing on the MODEL 1 for over 18 months after first testing it at his Ibiza villa.

The multiple award-winning MODEL 1 offers six full featured stereo channels, two stereo send and return channels, two mix outputs and a master and booth EQ.

Cox recently topped the house & techno chart in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll.

Watch Coxy share some of his DJ secrets below.


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