Curbi Drops Massive Spinnin’ Release “Rude”

New effort from young prodigy Curbi sees another thrilling release, out now on via Spinnin’ Records. Curbi’s RUDE is an energetic track to add to a collection of work that shows his unique journey of sound.

Download “Rude”

Only two years on the world’s leading Dance label and this guy is making his mark. Curbi saw some serious support with debut track Discharge which saw over 7 million plays, and he’s not stopping there… The 19 year old producers music has previously been described as naturally polarizing.

This boundary pushing norm has gained dedicated followers leading to over 1.5 million plays for Shinai, 3 million plays with Let’s Go, and an insane 10 million plays with collaboration Hoohah.

“I literally sat down & wanted to come up with something super in your face… and so I had this pretty simple melody idea which worked well as a bassline & from there I added some kinda Curbi sounds to it which sounded meaaaan. That was that, RUDE was born and now we can all be RUDE,” – CURBI

RUDE is a massive track that shows Curbi taking his work to a whole new level. As bangers go, this one is flooded with raw synths, serious bass lines and rough vocal snippets. Working heavy into the night, Curbi knows exactly what we needed to keep us going.


loops radio


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