Storyville with Diplo

Storyville with Diplo ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Diplo recently shared his best Kanye West story in a new TBS Storyville special. The clip offers a look into West’s Watch The Throne sessions where Ye and Jay-Z reportedly rented out the Mercer Hotel out in New York.

“Because that’s what you do when you’re Kanye West,” the producer proclaimed.

Despite knowing Ye for near 20 years, in the clip, Diplo recalls one of his most memorable run-ins with the artist. After getting a text from West to come down to the Mercer, he sat Diplo down with another producer to co-produce a song. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen stopped by, T-Pain dropped in, and Kim Kardashian — who Ye had yet to marry at the time — also made an appearance.

And while Diplo didn’t make the final cut of the album, he did witness something pretty spectacular before he left. “Kanye came back, he opens the door… and he says, ‘Guys, I’m gonna marry Kim Kardashian, I’m gonna be president one day, and I’m gonna be a fashion designer.’” So far, two out of three have come true. If things go as planned it seems Kanye may have a predilection for telling the future…


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