FLOSSTRADAMUS’label HI DEF YOUTH (HDY) rolls out “UPBQ” by 2¢. The DJ duo, which comprises of DJ Craze and Four Color Zack, shares the fourth song from this growing label. Says 2¢, “We’ve been friends and fans of Floss since forever so we’re more than hyped to share our recent single with the HDY Nation. UPBQ is our rally call to stand up against all the ugliness and hate in the world. We’re all in this together, lets push back to those trying to pull us apart.”

“UPBQ” follows a series of releases via HDY from up-and-comers in the movement, including “Pop That” from LA and Florida-based duo PART NATIVE ,”Club Sound,” by trap duo GENT & JAWNS in October, and hard-hitting trap track “Stronger,” featuring vocals and production from L.A.-based producer YULTRON in September.
World champion DJs Craze and Four Color Zack formed the supergroup 2¢ with one goal in mind: to redefine modern DJing. From production to performance, this duo pushes the boundaries of what an audience should expect and what they even think is possible. Now that the word is out, they are taking the live show on the road which, knowing their track record, will change the entire game.

loops radio


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